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EA has proposed a masterplan for the revitalisation of the gymnasium and its surroundign areas.  The building is the largest covered space in the district of Bobonaro, and it leaks badly and lacks services.  Once complete, it will be used as a sports venue, meeting hall, election station, and theatre.
Where: Maliana, Timor Leste
Who: The building has the capacity to accommodate up to 300 people.
How: With help from Friends of Maliana (FOM) and the government of Timor Leste
The gymnasium was rendered useless after the civil war in Timor, so Cr Marie Sheehan approached EA about the possibilies of rehabilitating it.The new gymnasium will be a long term sustainable solution rather than a simple, temporary, technical one.  EA plans to engender a sense of ownership within the poplulation.The project will use local materials as well as local tradesmen.
Some of the issues for the project include: adaptation of some existing rooms, security, reinstatement of services, associated landscaping, and the inclusion of rainwater tanks.The project will include new windws, new electrical wiring, discrete toilet facilities, water harvesting, and improved ground drainage.

Due to the riots during the independence movement, the district offices of CVTL are in a state of disrepair.  The walls are damaged, sanitation is poor, and the building lacks electrical services.  EA plans to renovate the offices and set up water harvesting and a sustainable sanitation system.
Where: Maliana, Timor Leste
Who: The whole Maliana community will have the opportunity to use the facilities in the building.
How: EA is currently looking for funding.
Timor is dependent on external material supply for construction, which mean there is little work for the local people.  EA hopes to increase emplyment through local material supply and by using local tradesman.In addtion to refurbishing using local tradesman, EA may also train colleges to further develop the skills of the local population.
The refurbished building will provide accomodation for CVTL and a place to undertake their programs with the local communities including teaching and clinical services to improve health wefare.  CVTL will also include administrative offices.
EA assessed the water and toilet system at the secondary school in the Maliana community and developed a plan to improve the sanitation.  EA decided to first repair the existing water source for the toilets, then eventually construct a new sustainable five public toilet block.
Where: Maliana, Timor Leste
Who: The Escola Secondaria Publico No. 2 has approximately 150 students and 12 teachers.
How: EA is currently looking for funding.
The Escola Secondare consists of a complex of classrooms and the head teachers house.  The hot, open site has no covered space for students to meet beyond the circulation corridors, so EA plans to develop a shade structure as well as exterior seating.Many female students refuse to attend school due to the poor sanitation system, lack of reliable water, and lack of privacy.    EA plans to develop sustainable sanitation, and has already met with the school headmaster and started preparing drawings.
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